Regular Meeting Minutes

Third Floor Hearing Room
County Court House
1325 Pearl Street, Boulder
Members Present:
  • Janet George
  • Tony Lewis
  • Trace Baker
  • Paula Fitzgerald
  • Drew Adams
  • Jackson Moller

  • Moved byPaula Fitzgerald
    Seconded byJanet George

Tess McDonald, 376 JJ Kelly Rd., Lyons. She spoke of her disapproval of spraying of herbicides by Boulder County and suggested new practices.

Paula Fitzgerald spoke about Jefferson County's fire mitigation plan and suggested comparing and contrasting it to Boulder County's plan.

Staff Presenter: Michelle Marotti, Education and Outreach Specialist

Action Requested: Information only

Kathleen Sands, 1612 Green Pl., Longmont. She spoke in favor of the practice of mowing to control vegetation, rather than the use of pesticides. 

Amanda Dumengo, 11830 N. 76th St. She would like park visitors to be asked how they feel about the use of herbicides. 

Tess McDonald, 376 JJ Kelly Rd., Lyons. She spoke about the benefits of keeping natural vegetation and pioneer plants. 

Staff Presenter: Jeff Moline, Resource Planner

Action Requested: Information only

Staff Presenter: Therese Glowacki

Action Requested: Information only                        

  • Mowing on open space is often done for public safety and ease of mobility, in addition to weed management. County residents have an option to contact BCPOS to report issues with vegetation. 
  • Niwot Loop bridge is closed for repairs.
  • Twin Lakes has experienced bank erosion, so staff have been working to repair and restore the area of the west lake. 
  • BCPOS will update its weed management policy in the fall, which will include public engagement. 
  • BOCC has selected three new POSAC members: Derek Turner, Kristine Johnson, and Carol Byerly.
  • NoCo PLACES has a new campaign promoting use the statewide COTREX trails app.
  • Three Real Estate Division employees are retiring this spring: Land Officer Mel Stonebraker, Land Officer Sandy Duff, and Paralegal MaryJo Langstraat. 
  • Geese have infiltrated the osprey nest at the Fairgrounds. The osprey will not be able to occupy the nest this year unless the geese leave.